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Grading Rubric


Book reports are due every MONTH. Your student is expected to finish a book on his/her level every 2-3 weeks (yes, even if it is "big" or has "lot's of pages").The grading rubric can be found at the end of this section.

This document will give you all the details:

Grading Rubric
There is a total of 50 points. 25 for the presentation, 25 for the project.

Way to Go

Good Try
(15 pts)

More Effort Please
(5 pts)

Meets quality standards (best work), full effort
Some meets quality standards, Partial effort
Little, if any, meets quality standards, little or on effort/ No Project submitted
Prepared, good volume, confidence, stays focused on topic, memorized
Mostly prepared, mostly on topic, reading presentation
Not Prepared, Does not related to topic/book, no presentation

*-Summer Slide-*
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~SRI and Dibels Reading Tests~
Students take an SRI (Student Reading Inventory) Test an average of twice a quarter. The test is pretty basic. It has them read passages from popular fiction and then they answer comprehension questions until the computer decides they are no longer comprehending what they are reading. The results are given in Lexile scores. Click this article for more information of click on the link above.

Dibels Tests are tests that are administered by a teacher or other trained adult. These tests ask a student to read a selection and then retell using as much detail and vocabulary as possible. These scores are tracked over the course of three tests (September, December, April) to monitor and track a students growth or recession in reading ability.

As I have always stated, these tests, while useful and relevant, reflect how your child is reading on that day at that time. Therefore, it is vital that you and I both read with your student frequently to ensure they are staying on grade level and have the skills needed to comprehend and understand text on their grade level.