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Many parents want to know how to best help their student at home. The number one best help is to simply do your best to help your students understand what they need to do. The packets that are sent home contain the day's lesson on them with examples. If you get stuck, simply read over the lesson and try to figure out what is needed.
I encourage all students to keep each lesson in a safe place so that they will have access to ALL the lessons as needed. Each problem has a small number below in parenthesis- this number indicated the lesson that type of problem was taught in.
Tests are given after each five lessons starting with lesson number ten. So tests are given approximately weekly.
In class, students take a daily quiz worth 10 points. These questions come directly from the homework the night before. If your student is doing their classroom assignments, they should do very well on these quizzes. If you notice that scores are low, then check with your student to ensure they are getting the daily assignments done.

Online Math Homework Help
external image inset_cls-3282_0.jpgMath homework can be especially tricky because there are so many different formulas and procedures to remember. Students from elementary, through high school, even college, who are experiencing difficulties with their math homework can find some aid online thanks to Internet homework helper sites.

Students who have difficulties with their math homework are encouraged to explore the various resources that are now available online. Since the advent of the Internet, numerous educational sites have been created specifically to help students with their mathematics homework.
There are many different homework helper sites. To help students find the sites that will help them most, below are some examples of math homework help sites that students across the United States use every day. If students are seeking additional help after visiting these sites, they are encouraged to conduct their own Internet search for other mathematics websites.
Here are some tips (suggested by the Multnomah County Library) that you can employ when looking for credible websites:

  1. Who made it?
  2. When was it last updated?
  3. Is it easy to find the needed information?
  4. Is the information correct? is recommended by The site offers an extensive list of algebraic topics that students often have problems with when trying to complete their math homework. Resources include lessons, calculators, and worksheets, all of which help students to strengthen the skills needed to complete their homework. The site is nicely organized to increase student usability.

Ask Dr. Math
Ask Dr. Math,, is divided by school level and even includes college math information. The site is compiled of hundreds of mathematics questions that are frequently asked by students. Students click on the question that is similar to theirs and are then sent to a page that contains the answer. Students who have specific questions or specific subjects they need answers to fast will especially appreciate this math homework help website.

SOS Math
SOS Math,, can be a real life saver for many middle school, high school, and even college students. This website is divided into math subjects including algebra and calculus and is then further divided within each subject. Clicking on a category will take the student through a series of detailed explanations. Students looking for detailed explanations of various mathematical procedures will appreciate this site.

Educating Jane
Educating Jane,, is directed toward girls of all skill levels. The site has fun activities and math help. Students choose their mathematics skill level and are then presented with a list of problems to solve online. This is helpful for students looking for sample problems similar to the ones in their textbooks. The website is intended to make learning fun.

Using Online Math Homework Sites

Sometimes searching the Internet can be a long process; this is true even when you have been given a specific website to start with! Students should allot plenty of time when searching for math homework help online to avoid becoming rushed or frustrated.