Wish List

Wondering what you can do, but unavailable to come to school to help?
Here are some ways you can help our classroom:

*Please note that these are not requirements, only suggestions - if you feel the desire to help out but are not available to help in the classroom on a regular basis.

1) Offer to provide treats or activities for special holidays/parties/celebrations. (Contact Ms. Durrant for dates and needs)

2) Ask if there is any grouping/stapling of packets, cutting out of needed items, etc., that you could take home and staple or help put together.

3) Check to see if/when an additional adult helper will be needed for special projects/activities.

5) Donate gently used books to our class library from your home that your family no longer uses/reads.

6) Bring in empty grocery sacks. (Students use these to carry work home in if they do not have a backpack/bag, or have forgotten it.

7) Bring in clean, empty baby food containers - plastic or glass, including empty formula cans. These items can be used for Science and other projects.

8) Bring in interesting items for Science - samples of rocks, minerals, native Utah plants, etc. or Utah History - copies of family photos, histories, items used by early/modern Utahns.

4th grade topics in Science include -
1 - Water (water cycle, etc.), 2 - Weather, 3 - Rocks/Minerals and soils, 4 - Fossils, 5 - Utah Ecosystems (desert, wetland, forest/mountain)

9) Offer to share your job/profession with the students by doing a presentation of what your job is like and what it requires to be successful at it (skills you use, etc.)

This is helpful in letting students know that the skills they are learning in school have meaning in real life. Try to think of how you use math, reading, science, and so on, in your job.

10) Purchase a book for the class from the list below from any book order or store.
(List coming soon.)

11) Purchase classroom supplies:
We have these items on hand for the beginning of the school year, but it is a way that you can help us - if you desire, during the school year.

-facial tissue (kleenex, etc.)
-hand sanitizer
-baby wipes
-Clorox/Lysol wipes
-cap erasers
-colored pencils
-colored markers - fine/broad (Crayola, Rose Art, etc.)
-permanent markers (Sharpie, etc.)
-whiteboard markers
-whiteboard erasers
-overhead markers
-2 pocket/3 prong portfolio folders
-folders (manila, colored, etc.)
-notebooks (composition or 70 sheet)
-school/pencil boxes
-adhesive mailing labels
-envelopes - legal/letter/manila

*Check with Ms. Durrant for additional items or ideas.

Think of something not on the list? Contact me.
Thanks for making a difference.