Parents, here you will be able to find the rules and expectations of my classroom. These rules are in addition to those that have been outlined and explained in the school handbook. For your convenience, I have also included the Power Point used during Back-2-School night so that you can review any information you felt you didn't understand.

When someone is teaching, your voice is off and you are listening.
  • Mouth Closed
  • Eyes Focused on Speaker
  • Body Facing Speaker
  • One Person Talking
  • No Side Conversations
  • Quite (No Pencil Tapping, Etc.)
-Verbal Warning
-Think Sheet
-Think Sheet Sent Home
-School Write Up & Parent Call
Respect Adults
-Accept correction
-No back talking
  • Smiles/Smiling
  • Laughing (when appropriate and not hurtful)
  • Pat on the back
  • High-Five
  • Kids/Teachers Helping Each Other
  • Friends with Everyone
Same as above
Keep Hands, Feet, Mouth, & Objects to Yourself
  • Arms Folded (when appropriate)
  • Not Poking Each Other
  • Kids Working Own Space
  • Focused
  • Not Touching Each Other
  • Happy
  • Kids/Teacher(s) on Task
Same as above
Use school appropriate language.
  • Materials on Desk (Planner Open and Ready)
  • Kids Getting Ready for the Morning
  • People Reading the SMART Board
  • Kids Making Lunch Choices
  • Homework Completed and Returned On Time
Same as above

*According to the handbook, ANY FIGHTING will result in an immediate office referral and consequences will be followed as outlined in the handbook.

*While chewing gum in NOT against school policy, it IS against my classroom policy. If your child has a medical need which requires chewing gum, please send a doctors note/ talk with me.

*It is expected that EVERY student will use good personal hygeine. This is includes showering, clean clothing, and deodorant.

*If a consequence requires a student to fill out a "Think Sheet" paper and has to bring it home, you, as a parent will be required to sign it before it is returned to me.

*This is not an exhaustive list of rules. The goal is to simply provide your child with a safe and enjoyable educational experience. For this to happen, everyone must work together. If your child encounters problems with another student/me, I ask that you come and visit with me so that we can clear up the situation and resume a productive learning experience. Thanks!

Here is the information that was presented at Back-2-School Night! If you haven't completed your students information paper, please open and print one. Send it to school with your student. Thanks.

Form to Be Completed (If not already done)