Book Orders

Welcome to the Book Order Page. From here you can view the latest book order flyers and also place your order.

1) To order online, or just to view the catalog or latest deals online, click HERE.

If you have ordered online before - log in using your username and password.

If you have never ordered on line -
a) Click on the button that says, "Don't have a username or password?"
b) It will ask for the Class Activation Code which is: GJW3B.
c) It will take you through the steps to set up your online account.
d) Place your order.

By placing your 100% secure order on-line you can get great deals not available offline. Also, new this year, for every order you place on-line.

2) If you choose to order from the printed flyer, simply send your money and order form to class by the due date.
If possible, send a check made out to SCHOLASTIC BOOK CLUBS for payment instead of cash.
Cash will be accepted, but checks make it simpler to send in the payment.