Are You Wanting to Help Our 6th Grade Classroom?
-Recommend Items

Do you want to help, but find that you are simply too busy to come to the school everyday or even once a week?
Here are some SIMPLE, helpful ideas of ways you can help support our classroom:

1) Offer to provide treats for special holidays/parties/celebrations. (Contact Mr. Hughes for dates and needs)

2) Ask if there is any collating of packets/book reports/etc. that you could take home and staple.

3) Check to see if/when an additional adult helper will be needed for special projects/activities.

4) Offer to share your job/profession with the students by doing a presentation of what your job is like and what it requires to be successful at it (skills you use, etc.)

5) Donate gently used books to our class library from your home that your family no longer uses/reads.

6) Purchase needed class supplies. (Pencils, markers, crayons, glue sticks, index cards- These are always needed. Check with Mr. Hughes for additional items or ideas.)

7) Donate new items that can be used as prizes in our monthly drawings for reading/ other activities. (Dollar store or clearance items work great!)

8) Purchase a book for the class from any book order or store. Yes you can donate picture books! Picture books are perfect for teaching math concepts, reading strategies, and writing ideas. (Don't be afraid to use them at home as well. No one is EVER to big to enjoy a picture book!)

I am open to any idea. Have one not on the list? Please see me.
Thanks for wanting to make a difference in the lives of our students. After all, they are all we've got!

Requested Books:
If you have gently used books at home you would like to donate to our class, please feel free to drop them by anytime. We are always looking for ways to add to our ever growing library.

Recommended Student Items:
  • Students should need nothing more than a good sized backpack. I highly recommend a bookbag of some sort as students will be bringing homework and/or textbooks regularly.
  • I discourage students from bringing binders and/or pencil boxes. Everything your child needs to use will be provided for him/her (pencils, colored pencils, crayons, glue, index cards, etc.). One small notebook for drawing (during allowed times) and notetaking is acceptable. There is very little personal storage space in our sixth grade classroom. NO TOYS!!!